General Information

Welcome to the MGH EMS Space Reservation System. From this site, you will be able to Reserve a conference room or Request one of the auditoriums of flexible configuration conference rooms.

Select the appropriate options from the links above or use the "Reservations" menu pull down for the full list of booking options.

Reserve a Conference Room - This application will enable staff to Reserve a public conference room at the MGH campus reserved as is, no flexible setup. You will immediately receive confirmation email notices upon clicking the Submit button.

Request an Auditorium or Request a Conference Room -This application will enable staff to Request one of the auditoriums or flexible configuration conference rooms:

If you've requested a meeting space needing approval, you'll receive a notification acknowledging the request. If your request is approved, you will be notified via email with a confirmation notice. Please note that your booking is not considered confirmed until you receive a Confirmation notice.


Contact Us

When requesting meeting space, please allow up to two business days for a response. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the EMS system or need additional assistance with your reservation, please email the following group for guidance:

Policies & Procedures

Use of this MGH EMS space reservation system is for MGH/PHS employees. It is strongly recommended that first time users view the training video/recorded webinar in its entirety before attempting to place a reservation or request. A full list of MGH Conference Room Use Guidelines can be found HERE .